Nancy Sarpong - Owner

I am Nana'Yaa Sarpong, the owner and CEO of Obiyaa nana.  My love for fashion began as a little girl while assisting my mother with picking out fabrics to use in designing dresses for my sisters and me.  Growing up in Ghana, we didn't have much, so we relied on clothes made by my mother. During Christmas church service, while my friend's were wearing store bought "ready made" clothes, my sisters and I were wore "Aunty Lizzy" (my mother) made.  She convinced us that it was better to have "a custom" made dress instead of the "ready made" because no one else will have it.  As I got older I gravitated towards tailors and seamstresses, observing their creativity while unknowingly cultivated the art of designing and sewing.  I started designing and making clothes for myself and eventually for others.  My love for fashion has greatly evolved over the years and has birthed ObiYaa nana, a fashion brand that I am excited to share with the world. 

I believe fashion is in the eyes of the beholder and the only rule in fashion is confidence.  

Welcome to ObiYaa nana! I hope your eyes behold something beautiful!!!


About ObiYaa nana

Obiyaa is my grandmother whom I was named after.  Obiyaa nana translates to Obiyaa’s grandchild.  My grandmother was affectionately called Eno Yaa by everyone, including her grandchildren instead of the usual "nana" most Ghanaian grandchildren call their grandmother.  Growing up people who knew her told me I behaved just like her and would say "you are your grandmother's child." 

The vision behind ObiYaa nana is to create clothing using African prints (Ankara) designs in a variety of fabrics beside the standard cotton.  ObiYaa nana will showcase apparel and accessories (dresses, winter coats, scarfs, suits, resort wears etc.) with custom African prints in diverse fabrics such as chiffon, rayon, wool, satin etc.  African prints are gorgeous, its fabric type should be comprehensive and beyond the conventional cotton fabric.  Making African prints an all season wear by fashioning them in different fabrics, textures, colors, and styles.  

At ObiYaa nana you will find gorgeous apparel and accessories such as dresses, coats, gowns, tops, pants, dusters, scarfs and more.  If you are new to prints, no worries, check out our "style your print" section where we showcase some print styling options.

If you need assistance with your styling selections, sizing or anything else reach out to us on social media @shop.obiyaanana or email at shop@obiyaanana.com